Wreck Diving In Malta

Wreck Diving In Malta

Malta has loads of accessible dive sites with something for everyone.

Alongside a number of purposely sunk wrecks dating back 10 years, there are also a number of historic shipwrecks and aircraft at both recreational and technical depths. Malta and Gozo’s geology has created some beautiful natural features above and below the water, with famous dive sites such the Blue Hole and Azure Window as well beautiful underwater caverns such as the Santa Marija Caves. For the underwater photography fanatics, all these dive sites are home to a range of wildlife both big and macro.

We endeavor to get you to the dive sites you want to see during your visit, read about them below and start planning your trip now.


The wreck of the P29 was scuttled on the 14th August 2007, just off Cirkewwa reef, intentionally for divers. Even though this wreck has only been underwater a relatively short amount of time, the marine life is starting to build and big schools of fish and marine life are starting to make this wreck their new home.


Three and a half years after an explosion in Grand Harbour, Valletta the ill fated tanker was scuttled on 2nd September 1998. She is upright in around 35m of water and is roughly 110m long and 16m wide with the prop and rudder still in place. After a bad storm in winter 2005/6 the ship has now broken in two so that the the right of the rear section aligns with the left of the front section


The wreck of The Rozi was deliberately sunk in 1992 as an underwater attraction for Captain Morgan’s Underwater Safari Tours intended as a submarine tourist attraction. The Rozi, a 40 meter long tug boat, sits upright on the sandy seabed, just off Cirkewwa reef. For more information, visit our blog post, Scuba Diving The Wreck of The Rozi.


Lying at a depth of 42 metres you will be met by the remains of the WWII bomber built in Bristol, UK. Lying flat in the sand, its fuselage now almost unrecognisable due to time and weather. A historic wreck which should be on everyones bucket list.

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