Amy-Sarah Lottering
PADI Staff Instructor and Tech Diver

Amy joined our team of instructors in December 2018. She moved over to Malta from South Africa in April 2018 as a Staff Instructor and soon became a Skipper, tech diver and all round go to girl in the industry.

Her nickname from colleagues and customers is‘Foghorn’ and if you have no idea why, come spend the day with her and you’ll soon figure it out!

Amy is always willing to help, very outgoing and constantly talking and smiling. She is able to teach an array of specialties as well as takes out technical divers due to her being a technical diver herself.

Jasper Mulder
PADI Staff Instructor and Tech Diver

Jasper started his diving career through Divewise and took on the role of New Dimensions Scuba Center Manager in April 2019

Jasper is the typical blonde haired, blue eyed, Dutch Surfer boy and is an incredible instructor. He is patient with his students and knows his way around Malta, on land and in the water.

Jasper is passionate about his diving and is willing to help anyone in need of anything. 

He too is able to teach many specialties and takes out technical divers when given the opportunity away from the office.

Dave Cutler
PADI MSDT and Technical diver

Dave has been working at NDS for many years. He lives in Gozo and has become or resident, Freelance Instructor and jumps at the oppertunity to take out pleasure divers and technical divers.

He always has a smile on his face and ready to get in the water before everyone else. He enjoys doing wreck dives and leading technical deco dives.

We are very greatful to have a team member as experienced on this island as Dave is. He is the master of finding new routes and enjoys the ‘special’ comino boat trips out with divers! 

Lewis Sell
PADI MSDT and Technical diver

Lewis joined our team in 2019, following his technical diving certification. He arrived in September 2016, he quickly fell for the vast amount and variety of shipwrecks and reef diving on offer, especially the night dives on the Um el Faroud and P29.

Can easily be spotted with his ginger beard and cheery smile, he is super happy to help others learn or to generally have a great time.

Teaching really gives him enjoyment and watching others grow as divers, whether its a ‘Try scuba’ or guided diving.

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