Consisting of 5 Adventure dives, you'll again further diving knowledge and experience with your Scuba Instructor. 
2 adventure dives are compulsory, Deep (30m max) and Navigation, and we highly recommend DSMB, Enriched Air and Wreck as the remaining 3, lending themselves to some great diving in Malta, but also important skills to know as a diver.
Price includes all equipment, course materials and certification fees.


This is an exciting, fun programme designed to increase your skills and understanding of the important core areas of diving. This course is largely practical so you have more time to enjoy your journey and practice the skills your Instructor will teach
you. The course will take you on 5 different dives, including a Deep dive (30m max) so you expand on the knowledge and skills learned during your Open Water course.
Price includes all equipment, course materials and certification fees.


This highly sort after and quality course is designed to train persons with entry level diving experience to dive to 35 metres..The course includes a minimum of 6 dives with the introduction of backplate, wing and long-hose, Surface marker buoy deployment, compass work,finning, Buoyancy & rescue techniques. We also teach you how to plan and execute deep dives.
Price includes all equipment, course materials and certification fees.

PADI Precision Dive Techniques NDS Exclusive - €250

Designed to get you thinking about diving in a team, this Distinctive focuses on essential skills such as ascents, gas sharing and problem solving with your buddy, as well as fine tuning your personal diving skills and trim. Conducted in a wing a plate style BCD and long hose set up.
Price includes all specialist equipment and certification. 









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