This site is located in front of where the Azure Window used to be, at the bottom of Dwejra Point. It is a shore dive, which is reached via a fairly difficult walk over rough coralline limestone, however steps have been carved into the rocks leading down to the Blue Hole.

This is a natural rock formation carved out over the centuries by wind and waves which goes down to a depth of 16 metres. The hole is about one metre above sea level and no more than 10 metres wide and 5 metres across. However, a few metres down, this gives way to unlimited access to the sea on exiting a huge archway. A large cave can also be found at the bottom of the hole.

The Chimney is entered one diver at a time through a fissure in the almost vertical rock. This opens up at a depth of around 8 metres. Throughout the dive, one can see various species of fish, starfish and bristle worms. This dive is perfect for photography.

Certification Level: Open Water