Diving in Malta

For several years now Malta has been voted one of the top diving destinations in the world. An award we're very proud of.

We're particularly famous for our choice of wrecks and have something to suit everybody, even those who are completely new to diving can dive on a WWII British Destroyer which was hit by a bomb in 1942.
As well as other WWII wrecks such as aeroplanes and submarines, we have a good choice of purposely scuttled wrecks, to create attractions not only for the visiting divers, but to create artificial reefs to attract local sea life.
These include local patrol boats, tugboats, passenger ferries and most famously, the Um el Faroud, a 110m long oil tanker that now sits in two pieces on the sea bed due to recent storms and is definitely worth several dives to explore!

Our natural dive sites are pretty spectacular too.
For those who have done a little research, the Blue Hole and Azure Window (now sadly gone) is normally a requested dive over on Gozo. The erosion and rock formations here have created some great features and there's even a natural tunnel causing the Inland Sea which is divable.
Comino is a great way to spend the day, diving from the boat directly onto the P31 wreck, or into the vast Santa Marija Caves to explore.

Being a little island in the Med means that we're not affected by tides or strong currents and diving is feasible most days of the year. We have clean, clear water, with visibility starting from 15m+.
Local sea life include barracuda, rays, octopus, moray eels, sea bass and bream to name but a few and occasionally dolphins, manta rays and other rare treats like the Sun Fish (Mola Mola)!

Most of the diving is from shore and divesites are geared up for divers with ladders and rails to get in and out.
We have boats available to use to dive Comino or some of the offshore dive sites and it's a pretty special treat doing a night dive here and seeing the sea life that comes to life in the dark!