PADI Precision Dive Techniques Distinctive Specialty

For those that know the PADI system, you’ll be aware that there are various specialty courses available to all levels of diver.
However, sometimes there are speciality's, or areas in diving which are not covered by any PADI course but instructors can write their own courses and if approved offer this course as a PADI Distinctive Specialty course.

So after undertaking various courses, such as the GUE Fundamentals with Gareth Burrows, the IANTD Advanced Wreck course with Phil Short and many training sessions with Alan Whitehead, I've come up with my own PADI Distinctive, which I feel encompasses many aspects from all the courses I have done.

Introducing the PADI Precision Dive Techniques Distinctive Specialty.

The basis of the course is to build on and improve current buoyancy and trim, introduce different finning techniques and other skills such as DSMB use, while maintaining neutral buoyancy. This in turn makes you a more relaxed and efficient diver, reducing stress levels and creating a solid foundation for more advanced courses.
However, it’s also a step up from normal recreational diving in the fact that you’ll be using a wing and plate, rather than a regular BCD, along with a long hose configuration and using advanced fins to offer you more precise position in the water.

The cost is €250 and all equipment is included.
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