Still Buzzing!!!

I love my job, I get to scuba dive almost every day here in Malta and meet some truly great people who inevitably over time become friends. So the past few weeks have been amazing, I got to do some great dives over the period of a week with a long standing friend and customer....deep and long was the format with a fair amount of decompression thrown in for shits and giggles. His idea of a relaxing check dive turned into an 80 minute dive with wreck penetration and 30m depth...that was just day 1.

Then once that week finished 2 more of our regulars came over to be put through their paces by enrolling onto my very own Speciality written by myself and endorsed by PADI, called Precision Diving Techniques.

This is the first time I have run this course with divers that are truly taking their recreational diving to an advanced level. Now these guys are keen but generally dive on holidays with maybe a jump into an inland dive site in the UK now and again.

A lot of you will know that I can be quite intense especially when it comes to diver safety, training and performance, so I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

The first course of action was to change the equipment configuration into backplates and wings and swap some hoses about so we had the long hose primary ready to donate for the inevitable out of gas scenarios (OOG).

Then up to Cirkewwa, ditch the computers, into 6m of water for 78 minutes of drills and skills.

Once we had weighting sorted out....ditching 4kg off each diver,trim and buoyancy started to develop and they both worked hard, wanting to put themselves into that nice flat position ready to start skill practice (no kneeling on this course).

Then into neutrally buoyant mask skills, regulator skills and OOG skills.

Oh and don’t forget the DSMB, oh yeah that was interesting!

Over the 3-4 days we changed venues, increased the depth and bolted skills together and I can honestly say both divers improved ....MASSIVLY with one of them relaxing so much his SAC rate nearly halved.

Although the final skill of the OOG ascent and DSMB practice was great fun....I love it when students create their own problems as this is at the end of the day what can happen, so with DSMB’s floating away they still have to come up with a solution!!!

All I can say is well done lads, you worked really hard. The transformation was incredible, now all you need to do is sell your BCD’s and invest in a wing and plate plus a few hoses.

See you in October.

Photo credit Chris Ryan