Here it is. The first blog post on our new look website!
No pressure.

I've been sat here thinking what to write about to make my first dramatic entrance into the blogging world, but am hit by writer's block, shyness and nothingness..... but then, I have it! I will talk about a Scuba Instructor's favourite subject.

So, for those who haven't yet dived with us, here is who we are, where we're from and where we're going.

Toby and I are the owners of New Dimension Scuba and are entering our fifth season in Malta.
We both come from the Adventure Travel and Expedition industry, where over the course of many years have led trips abroad to developing countries for school groups, as well as undertaking many of our own personal trips.
Before we were scuba divers, we were climbers and skiers, living in the mountain of North Wales, or working in the French Alps. Once diving took hold though, these other activities have become a distant's either a new set of skis, or a new sidemount wing! (in fact, old skis have been sold to buy new dive kit)

We both did our PADI Dive Master in Borneo, where the concept of moving to Malta was first thought of. Four months later, here we were and all plans of becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor and working the summer were put on hold. At least for me anyway as we discovered we were (un)expecting our first child.
Toby however, ploughed on with the course, while I ran operations from the comfort of my desk and fan. That summer was a hot one!

It was a steep learning curve. Much different to working in Asia, where much of the logistics are carried out  by local people. Here it's all done by the centre staff, but is a great weight loss plan!
During the winter, Toby started down the technical diving route and has been mentored by some of the best in the industry.
Through this training, we decided to change how we as a dive centre ran our courses and operations.

PADI will tell you "Diving is Fun!" Yes, diving is fun, but it's also serious stuff and we're not here to churn out as many open water divers as we can.
We are a training facility, that focuses on training our divers to a high standard, teaching safe diving practices and encourage diver thinking.
But to make you a better diver, we also have to make ourselves better divers and are continuously undertaking our own personal development to learn new skills, styles of diving and to make sure we're on the ball. And we encourage this of all our staff as well.

So we're getting more qualified to be able to provide further training opportunities for our clients. Sidemount is the most recent additional and we offer this at recreation level and technical. We've also got a few distinctives in the pipeline that we feel are missing in the PADI system so have written our own courses to fill the gaps. Keep an eye out for these.
I'm back in the water, after another unexpected baby and looking forward to teaching people how to dive NDS style!