Life as a PADI DM Intern

I’ve been here now for exactly one month, and let’s face it, there is a little a bit more sun, sea and sand (or at least two of those) than back home in Manchester; ironically nicknamed the ‘sunshine city’. Now while personally I’m not too keen about temperatures in excess of 30OC every day, the crystal clear oceans, boasting visibility of over 20m, really makes you really understand why Malta is seen in Europe as a diving Mecca.

As anyone who has ever dived in Malta before can attest, there is simply no shortage of things to see, whether that be a sunken WW2 destroyer, a 10,000 tonne oil tanker, or the amazing collection of aquatic wildlife in the island, including the vibrant common cuttlefish, or the slightly more coy common octopus. As a DM intern I get to see it all, whether it be in the background, while I am assisting on an open water course for the next generation of divers, or the focus, as I guide a group (while supervised) out to a wreck at 30m.

The problem I have found with Malta so far isn’t that there is enough to see, but simply there is far too much, and it’s because of this I have started to find myself straying into the world of TEC diving. The draw of being able to spend just a little longer on a deep wreck or being able to see some of the amazing wrecks previously inaccessible in recreational diving is just too strong. So I am currently undertaking my TEC40 course, PADI’s first level TEC course, and taught by our resident instructors (when we find the time).

Of course, all of the enjoyment comes at a cost, and the typical cost in any gear intensive sport is that, the equipment you have just quite isn’t good enough, and I don’t think living with some really cool looking dive instructors really helps. With that I think I’ll leave you, while just thinking about that new BP & W that I really need…..