End of the Summer

It's early November and we're still running around in shorts and t-shirts, enjoying the last warm days of the summer before the wind picks up and the water gets colder.
This summer has been a bit funny (and this is mainly directed at the UK), with the referendum, the football and the Olympics having a big influence on people's decision to travel this year. However, there's not much that will get in the way of someone's scuba diving holiday and we were pleased to see so many familiar friendly faces back again this year and also we had the opportunity to meet new divers from all over the world and to introduce many new people to the joys of scuba diving.

Amy and Grant joined us again this year, as well as Dave, who came out for a few weeks here and there to help us out at the craziest periods. We've been very fortunate over the past few years with our Instructors. A Scuba Instructor's life in Malta is a busy one, but at New Dimension Scuba we have been so lucky to have dedicated, adaptable and flexible Instructors, that truly enjoy what they do and just love being in the water (most days!).

New Dimension Scuba like to train people to help them become better, safer, divers and this also applies to our staff.
The guys work really hard and although they can progress on through their PADI career with us by getting their certification counts up, it can be hard for them to get in any personal development to help improve their diving or further their diving career as a whole.
So now the season has come to close, Amy, Grant and Dave took the opportunity to get some staff training in before they headed home and had 4 days of fun/instruction doing their IANTD ART (Advanced Recreational Trimix) course with Toby.

This doesn't just stop with our staff though. We also had 2 PADI Divemaster Interns join us this summer and Oli decided to make the most of his time here by not just completing his Divemaster, but pushing on through and also becoming a Sidemount diver and a Tec 40 diver. He worked hard this summer, so we rewarded him by helping him gain more training and knowledge.

We wouldn't be here without our Team and Toby and I would like to give a big shout out to Amy, Grant, Dave, Oli and Phil who worked so hard, provided top instruction, guiding, filling and loading cylinders, and help make New Dimension Scuba the successful scuba diving facility that we are.

Cheers guys.

So now the year is winding down. We've had the worst storm to hit Malta in 10 years last week which has total changed the topography of Sirens Bay, it's like diving a new dive site and the recently scuttled Tug 2 wreck has moved around 30 metres away from its original position!
We're also going to focus on some personal development for ourselves over the winter and also look at what New Dimension Scuba can offer divers in the future. So if you've any suggestions or courses you would like to do, please get in touch!

And lastly, we wouldn't be here without you guys...our divers. So thank you all for a great season/year (although I know it's not quite over yet!) and looking forward to 2017


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