First year as an instructor at New Dimension Scuba

Grant and I work as instructors and are back and ready for our second season working at NDS.

After arriving back in the UK after 2 years of traveling and in parts working as a Padi Dive Master we made it our goal to become Padi Scuba Instructors and by the end of 2014 we did just that. After doing the odd bit of teaching work here and there in an icy and murky inland lake in the UK, we knew it was time to escape to somewhere warmer and clearer again to get some serious teaching experience under our belt and we were then lucky enough to bag ourselves a job working for NDS for the summer!

We packed our dive kit and some clothes and jumped on the 3 hour flight over the Malta. After arriving and getting the pronunciation of every Maltese town name completely wrong (for those who don’t know an ‘X’ is ‘sh’ and a ‘Q’ is silent) we were excited to get working and get teaching.

One of Toby’s passions as a dive shop owner is the instructor development of his staff so from the very beginning he worked with us and gave us new ideas to help us develop our skills as instructors. We both strive to be the best instructors and divers we can be and we are still learning new things everyday but we did not expect to gain quite as much as we did last summer. 

Not only are we lucky enough to get to teach all levels of diving from complete newbies doing a Padi Discover Scuba up to people looking at entering the world of professional diving and becoming a Padi Divemaster, we have expanded our skill sets even further and gone down different and unexpected routes. After a couple of weeks working at NDS, I was asked by Toby if I wanted to jump in to do a Sidemount course - this was something I had never considered trying but after one session I loved it and a year later I can happily say I am now a Padi Sidemount Instructor. As for Grant, he delved into the world of Tec diving and has now started to guide our Tec clients.

We have both grown so much as instructors and we are so pleased we’ve ended up working at NDS and excited for this summer.
We look forward to taking all of you lovely blog readers diving and sharing our experience with you :)